Tree Works launched Zelist for Bloggers

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Tree Works launched Zelist for Bloggers, a monitoring instrument for blogs and Twitter accounts. It analyzes the activity on blogs and Twitter accounts, offering different information that can represent a basis to improve blogging.

Zelist for Bloggers is an instrument that evaluates the performances of a blog, offering data about articles evolution and the way they are transmitted in social media. Each blogger can see which are the articles with the greatest impact, on days and months. Also, they can see links to posts published in the last 60 days and all the blogs that are linking towards their blog.

Depending on each blog content, the tool shows the other blogs with the same kind of information, activating in the same niche.

Zelist for Bloggers was launched in private beta and is available for free in the next 3 months. After this period, Tree Works might ask for a symbolic fee that will be donated to a social cause.

ZeList for Bloggers includes information based on data collected by Zelist Monitor, the most complex Romanian social monitoring solution, following over 50,000 Twitter accounts and 120 online media sources, over 2,000 public Facebook groups and over 15,000 public pages on Facebook and also information that is published on the most important Romanian forums.