Over half Romanians believe Romanian Audiovisual Council is needed

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81% of Romanians heard of Romanian Audiovisual Council (CNA) and 55% of them consider this institution necessary to monitor the Romanian audiovisual. while 37% think TVs and Radios should be completely independent, according to an Ires study quoted by Mediafax.

The study was presented during a press conference by Rasvan Popescu, president of CNA, and Vasile Dancu, president of IRES (Romanian Institute for Evaluation and Strategy).

65% of the people that participated to the study have a good and very good opinion of CNA, them representing the majority of the public. When it comes about the efficiency of the institution, 35% of the questioned people were aware of at least one of CNA’s decisions and 54% consider the sanctions applied by it being right.

The research was made on a group of 1,243 people, aged over 18 years old, on October 25th. The error margin is 2.8%.