Kinder Bueno, Lowe and HyperActive brought the magic mirror for women

Creativity, Digital & Media, Marketing, PR

Lowe&Partners and HyperActive have developed an integrated activation campaign “Indulge in seduction and enter the game of the magic mirror” for Kinder Bueno. Conducted over the course of four weeks, the campaign continued Kinder Bueno’s positioning and the key message of the latest spot: “Indulge in seduction”. Starting with a promotion brief, Lowe&Partners team has developed a targeted activation mechanism in an unconventional location: the lobby of Cinema City Cotroceni.

The galleries and the bookshelves are suffocated of promotions and activations. Our strategy was to stand out, to get out of the classical sphere and to find a new approach in an area relevant to Kinder Bueno’s consumers: educated and independent young women. The concept of the campaign revolved around the idea of seduction and what element could be more suitable than, the mirror

Ana Smultea

Senior Account Manager Lowe&Partners

The mechanism consisted in the placement of a booth in the cinema’s lobby that had a mirror on one of the walls, seemingly ordinary, behind which a drawer and an improviser were hiding. The latter addressed through dialogue marked by compliments, women who passed by the mirror. Meanwhile, inside the booth the drawer sketched the portrait of the approached woman. During the four weekends of activation, over 760 women entered the game of the magic mirror, received compliments and were rewarded on the spot with a portrait.

This is the first time we change how and where we communicate with Kinder Bueno’s female consumers. However, the novelty of the idea caught on and we were surprised to notice positive discussions about the campaign on Facebook

Adriana Novac

Brand Manager Ferrero

Kinder Bueno unconventional project was one of the most interesting campaigns we have ever developed. The creative concept played an important role in the success of this action in Cinema City Cotroceni, meaning that it was a special project thought exactly for such a location. By conducting this activation, Ferrero succeeded in addressing exactly the targeted audience

Raluca Demetriade

Sales Director at New Age Romania (Cinema City Network)

The concept of the offline campaign was replicated in online through an interactive application developed by HyperActive that consisted in a magic mirror integrated in the Facebook page of Kinder Bueno. With a request, the virtual mirror tempted women to check it, in order to find out their seduction percentage and to take a picture of them with the incorporated webcam. Every picture attracted compliments from the mirror and it also offered our female consumers the possibility of sharing those pictures with their friends. During the campaign, over 200 mirrors have been created in the application, while the Facebook page had more that 14,400 likes and almost 518,999 post views.

The Kinder Bueno campaign carries on with a TV spot adapted by Lowe&Partners.