Interactions and Seat developed the 1st Romanian online new cars shop

Digital & Media, Marketing

Interactions developed for SEAT the website, the 1st online store for new cars supported by a company specialized in import. The main benefits offered through the online shop are better prices than the ones in offline stores and fast delivery.

After the launch, the store sold 3 cars in just 3 weeks.


For the online Seat shop, Interactions offered strategy, design and web programming services, but also web maintainance and media creation.

Although we are at our 1st project with SEAT, we already have very good and encouraging results for the future. It is a confirmation of the fact that our strategies and tactics are correct. The premises we started from are relatively simple: clients are looking over the internet informations in order to choose a car to buy and, on the other hand, online commerce is on an ascending trend. The solution came naturally. But we still are talking about the 1st project of this kind! This is a prove that simple and well executed ideas remain the best. Not at last, the merit belongs to the client. It is a rare case when client adapted its offer to match the medium, fact that helped us to create a project that creates results

Adrian Alexandrescu

Managing Partner Interactions.

We are happy with the 1st results. We look forward with trust to see how our clients impressions will evolve regarding this project, but also what will happen with the sales

Elena Apostol

Marketing Manager SEAT.

 The new website offers the option of selecting the wanted car, to chose the dealer, to ask for a drive test with a similar car and to close the contract through any payment method- cash, credit or leasing. The car will be delivered immediatly, in the same conditions from a classical showrooms. The website was created in order to take in consideration visitors feedback and special alerts were made for the ones that want to profit on certain offers.

Interactions team that worked on the project included Courtney Moreira and Denisa Armasu – Creative, Andrei Pop and Catalina Ilie – Technical Side and Adrian Alexandrescu – Client Service. The client was represented by Elena Apostol.

Interactions is an interactive communication agency, specialized in e-CRM services: strategy and creation developement, implementing and managing campaigns to dialogue and relate with consumers, web development and data analysis / interpretation.