Nanny School project’s campaign, signed by Three


Three signs the campaign “Big things are built since you are young”, a promotional campaign for Nanny School project.

The promotional campaign includes three print executions – Engine, Notes, Dress – , 4 radio executions – Doctor, Manager, Oscar and News – and, in the future, there will also be executions as Facebook apps and unconventional outdoor.

The 3 prints are about the evolution of a person from a little person to an adult, from a scratch to an engine plan, from a Sol key barely draw on a paper to composing a very complicated song. They illustrate the fact that the things we get to realize as mature people are based on our childhood. And this basis is formed, partially, by kid’s nanny

Sabin Staicu

Copywriter Three.

Radio is a medium we like a lot. Even if, at a first sight, it doesn’t offer to many options to play with creativity. The radio execution came naturally. A profession is prepared with work and passion. We wanted to show the final result, the moment when today’s kids are the fulfilled persons over the years. And the moment’s spark came. From the Oscar speech to Hypocratic Sermon. As a kid learns to read with the help of his nanny, the same way he learns, with her help, to develop his passions

Ilona Iftode

Copywriter Three.

The premises that were at the basis of the concept was that each kid has a personal way of representing the universe and his first steps towards this are definitory for the adult he would became. The nanny must be the person capable to observe and support the development of the kid, beyond parents’ efforts.

Three team involved in the project included Andrei Tripsa – Creative Director, Miruna Pop – Client Service Director, Nicu Duta – Art Director, Sabin Staicu – Copywriter si Ilona Iftode-Copywriter

Nanny School is part of a national program for qualifying women as baby-sitters and it’s implemented by Romanian Angel Appeal Foundation, together with Work, Family and Social Protection Ministry and co-financed from EU funds.