Study: Young Romanians, the biggest fans of internet; most of them are online on daily basis

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A 360insights study recently made public shows that young Romanians are the biggest fans of the internet, while 79% of the total Romanian internet users are online every day.

Over 90% of young people aged 16-24 yo and people with high education are using internet, while the proportion decreases with the age, according to the study made by the research company.

The biggest fans of the internet are young people (16-24 ani), 97% of them browsing the internet frequently. Among the people aged 25-44 y.o., internet is popular, with over 70% penetration.

Education is another factor that influences the adoption of the internet among people. The people with high education are using internet more often, with over 93% of the ones with higher education using the online for their activities. The income also influences the usage of the internet, as 87% of people with high income are using this medium.

Romanians internet addiction is highlighted by the usage frecquency, online activities being always present on their daily agenda.

The study is representative for population living in urban areas and was realized on a sample of 800 people, man and women aged 16-64 y.o.Out of all internet users in Romania, 79% are online every day, being part of their daily routine. Also, more than 96% of them are browsing the internet weekly and only 4% are using it rarely than once a week.