Over 80% increase of 3G video calls in the 1st half of 2011

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Romanian National Authority for Management and Reglementation in Communications (ANCOM) published a semestrial statistic report regarding mobile communication services for the 1st part of the year. According to data reported by the 6 mobile telecom operators in Romania, the number of active users decreased in the first six months of the year, but the traffic, the medium duration of a call and the number of SMS-es, MMS-es and 3G video calls increased.

According to operators, the 3G video calls increased by 81.5%, until 1 million minutes.

In the period covered by the report, the total number of mobile telephony users decreased 3.2% compared to the end of 2010, reaching to 23,6M. The number of prepaid cards decreased by 4.5%, while the number of personal subscriptions decreased 2.2% and the one of company subscriptions increased 1.4%. The penetration rate for the mobile telephony services mid-2011 was of 110.2% for every 100 Romanians.

In spite of the decrease of users numbers, the voice traffic continued to increase, reaching to 28.6BN minutes, 7.8% more than in the last 6 months of the last year. From the total voice traffic realized in the 1st semester, 85.7% (24.5BN minutes) was traffic in own networks of the operators, increasing by 8.8% compared to last semester in 2010. Both the trafic towards fixed networks and international networks increased, by 12.5% (1.1BN mins), respectively by 6.9% (272M minutes). The trafic towards other mobile networks decreased 1.7% (2.7BN mins).

Prepaid cards users generated 55% of the total trafic, with the rest of 45% being divided between subscription users ( personal – 31% and business – 14%).

The medium duration of a call coming from mobile phones increased, no matter the network of destination. The medium duration increased at 2.23 mins from 2.12 mins at mid-2010.

In the 1st semester of the year, an user made phone calls lasting 3hrs 19 mins per month from its mobile phone, a 9% increase, and sent 36 SMSes, a 33.4% increase per month.

According to the report, in the same period were sent 5.2BN messages (+31.9% compared to 2nd half of 2010), from which 77% towards prepaid cards and 23% towards subscription. The messages were sent mainly in the users networks (93.2%).

When it comes about roaming, voice services registered a decrease of 12.3%, reaching to 140M mins (both made and received calls), while the SMS in roamning decreased by 10.5%, reaching 46M sent SMS-es. The medium duration of a roamning call was 1.57 mins, while the medium duration of a received call was 2.42 mins.

The startistical report was based on data reported by mobile services providers, covering their commercial activity between January 1st –  June 30th.