Ursus Breweries hires Petre to organize responsible parties

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Ursus Breweries launched an online app to support people that want to organize their fun in a responsable way. Petre – the app – was launched as part of “Find your Balance” program and is available online on Desprealcool.ro. The app offers, depending on provided data, sugestions for healthy menus, drinks and music, ingredients that doesn’t miss from any party.

“Petre” is short for party (in Romanian, short for “petrecere” – n.b.). Petre is a responsible party organizer, helps you put together fun’s details and also warns you to be responsible yourself when you make choices. We thought that, in this funny way, we can help young people to organize their parties and to think about aspects that go beyond logistics, respectively we encourage them to have the sense of measure and to realize that being responsible can be “cool”. Petre shows young people that alcohol can be┬ápart of a great party if is┬áconsumed responsible

Diana Klusch

Corporate Affairs Director Ursus Breweries

When the app is used, users are asked for who they make the party, when, how many men and women will be invited and what music they prefer. Than, the app proposes a list of drinks, food and music to be able to organize the party and to help invite friends via email or Facebook.

“Find our your balance” campaign was launched at the end of 2010 and encourages people to make informed decisions about alcohol.