Sibiu Stock Exchange, rebranded by Friends Advertising

Branding, Creativity

Friends Advertising realized the rebranding for Sibiu Stock Exchange, a process that lasted more than a year, period in which the agency made the concept and implemented the new strategy, the name change and the visual identity, brand communication and brand engagement programs.

The project represented a challenge for Friends team, considering the banking-financial profile of the stock exchange and nowadays economic context.

If strategically the finance and banking communication is among the most difficult ones, than try to be, simultaneously, in the position to respond simultaneously to the following challenges, inside this category: A. a brand that, practically, needs to be built from 0 B. A company exclusively concentrated on the product, with reduced marketing appetite C. serious pressure from competitors, with a huge market share plus indirect competition with massive investments D. an intermediate sales circle, very sensitive contextually, and the alphabet’s letters could continue

Sorin Tranca

Creative Director & Founder Friends Advertising

The new visual identity is inspired by the heraldics and history of Sibiu and represents the Transylvanian tradition of commerce, exchanges and seriosity. SIBEX’s logo combines the consecrated values of Transylvanian commerce and the modern attitude, reflecting the fact this region was the most important commercial exchange point and it was where the basis for the modern commerce in Romania were set.

The slogan – “Invest Your Ideas”- comes to complete and support the new positioning, the one of Stock Exchange that offers investments opportunities with a superior efficiency.

I’m happy about the way Friends managed to deliver, until now, strategic communication services to our partner, Sibex, SIbiu Stock Exchange. I will not be detailing the executions phases for the successive branding steps or the matters related to partners’ communication, media planning, naming and advertising for the 1st products, extremely innovative, offered for sale in Sibiu, but I will only say that i hope to contribute, with our expertize, to the success of a visionary company, where anyone can transform its ideas in money

Sorin Tranca

Completing the branding efforts, Friends Advertising also signs 2 ATL campaigns for 2 of SIBEX products: Dow Jones and Phoenix.

Friends Advertising team involved in the rebranding included Bojan Spasic – Senior Art Director, Sorin Tranca – Creative Director, Nicu Stancescu – New Business Director, Ilinca Marcu – Account Executive, Adrian Iota – Art Director and Vladi Paunescu – Copywriter, Bogdan Vintila – Senior Graphic Designer. SIBEX team includes Cristian Sima – President SIBEX and Ovidiu Petru – Marketing Manager .

Friends Advertising was founded in 2003 and, just in the last 3 years, the agency worked with around 30 clients, among which  Unilever (Dero, Knorr, Delikat, Sunsilk, Omo, Dove, Rexona, Axe and trade marketing projects), SIBEX, Canon Photo-Video CEE (regional account), Tina R, Medrom, Intersnack, Euro 26, Gealan, Siemens Romania, Libra Bank, Healthy Kids Foundation, Porsche Bucuresti Vest 2, Valrom, Eclipse Sat Londra, Fan Courier, European Drinks, Tiriac Imobiliare, Adama, Sensiblu, Dimri International, Raiffeisen Evolution, ITV Rusia, Titanmar, Monopoly Media, Rigips, Say Shops, PSI Swaziland, A&D Pharma, Romfelt Real Estate, Cris-Tim, F64 and Let’s Do It Romania.