New management board for Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP)


Romanian Public Relations Association (ARRP) has, starting December, a new management board, with a new team that aims to have a more pragmatic approach, mainly orientated towards immediate interests of the PR professionals in Romania.

We will make the communicators family in Romania become stronger and the role of PR as a management function to be understood as correct as possible. We invite in the association all the professionals in the field that believe in our profession’s values and can and want to develop communication (…) Also, I want to thanks for their dedication to all people that contributed to this association’s developement from its founding until today

Sandra Pralong

ARRP new president

Sandra Pralong has a reach experience in PR, NGO and governmental. She is the 6th ARRP president, after Liviu Muresan, Rodica Moisescu, Simona Miculescu, Dumitru Bortun and Rares Petrisor.

The new management board of ARRP, following elections, has the following members:


In its actual formula, ARRP management team aims to increase the efficiency of the management structure. According to the new status of the organization, the Management Board has now 7 members, compared to 16 in the previous organigram. This way, the management will be able to make decisions and implement them faster.

The management board mission is assisted by an Honor Council, that contributes to defining ARRP’s position regarding different situations related to professional ethics and that can occur inside PR community. The council includes Dumitru Bortun – president, Radut Balbaie, Corneliu Cojocaru, Olga Jora and Adela Rogojinaru.

Romanian Association of PR Professionals is an NGO active since June 1995 and reunites academics, consultants and institutional communicators.