ISRA: Romanians are listening over 2 hours of music per day


Romanians are influenced by the music they listen, 62% saying that it has a big impact over they state of mind, according to a study realized by ISRA Center Marketing Research and comissioned by Tuborg Romania.

The research, realized with the help of 1,subjects, men and women of 18-55 y.o., also showed that a Romanian listens to music 2.13 hours a day, at home  (56%), in clubs (23%), on the street (10%) or at concerts (3%).

Among the Romanians preferred musical  instruments, the favorites are guitar (21 %), piano (13%), drums (12%) and sax (6%).

It is said Romanians know how to have fun and music is an essential ingredient for this. I don’t know if, at international level, are under or over the medium in terms of time spent listening to music, but it is clear to me that Romanians are listening to music to relax, to feel well or to have fun and this is exactly Tuborg’s promise: a quality beer that offers fun and music to the highest standards

Doron Zilberstein

Marketing Vicepresident URBB


URBB (United Romanian Breweries Bereprod) is one of the main drinks providers on Romanian market, being present on beer, still drinks and mineral waters markets. Company’s portfolio includes premium brands, such as Tuborg, Holsten, Carlsberg, Skol, Guinness, Kilkenny, Granini and Bilbor.