Romanian telecom group RCS&RDS will launch its own news TV, Digi TV, in 2012


Digi TV, a news TV owned by Romanian telecom group RCS&RDS, will be launched at the beginning of 2012, with George Orbean as project manager and news director of the new television.

Digi TV will have news programs every hour, will broadcast live from the most important events, will have a news show and more programs produced by its own team.

According to the company, the management for Digi TV  News was taken over by George Orbean, after the former news director, Mihai Stegerean, resigned.

George Orbean has 18 years of experience in media and, between 2008-2009, managed the local stations of Realitatea TV and, from September 2009 to May 2010 was project manager for Jurnal TV, a news TV launched in Moldavia.

RCS&RDS is working for quite couple months to launch its own news TV. The company didn’t asked, until now, an audiovisual licence from National Audio-Visual Council (CNA) in order to run a news TV.

RCS&RDS  owns the general TV station 10 TV, the sport TV Digi Sport, Digi TV Info  channel (that broadcasts info about company’s offers and services) and movies TVs Digi Film 1 and Digi Film 2.

According Mediafax, since 2010’s summer, RCS&RDS is one of the shareholders of Music Channel. In May 2011, the company brought the musical channel U TV. Also, RCS&RDS owns the local TV station TL +, through a company where it is the main shareholder.

RCS & RDS developed its own telecom infrastructure based on optic fibre and covers, through its cable TV, internet and fixed and mobile telephony services, over 200 Romanian towns. RCS & RDS is, in the same time, one of the most important telecom in the region, providing services in Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia and Serbia.