U.S. creatives prefer Facebook or so the studies say

Social Media, Studies

The creative professionals prefer Facebook to keep in touch with friends, colleague and acquintances, according to a survey made in US by The Creative Group, a specialized staffing service for interactive, design, marketing, advertising and public relations professionals.

According to the survey, Facebook is the social network of choice for these people, if there would be just one social channel they were allowed to use.

More than half (56%) of advertising and marketing executives interviewed said Facebook would be their social media site of choice if they were limited to using just one. LinkedIn (21%) and Google+ (12%) ranked second and third, followed by Twitter.

Regardless of which social media site someone is using for business, staying active is essential, the survey confirmed. This way, nearly three in 10 (29%) executives said not keeping content fresh is the most common mistake creatives make in their professional online profiles.