Shareholders change at 2Parale: Stefan Iordache (Leo Burnett Group Romania) takes over 40% shares

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Stefan Iordache, Leo Burnett Group Romania founder, is the new shareholer at 2Parale, Romanian affiliate marketing network, after taking over 40% of company’s shares.

Dorin Boerescu and Radu Spineanu continue to be main shareholders at 2Parale, with 60% of shares divided between them. During the same transaction, the 3rd investor of the company, Daniel Enache, made a full exit from the firm, giving away entirely the 20% shares he had within the company.

This change marks a period of new investments in technology and marketing activities for 2Parale. Development on the 2 mentioned directions is aimed to optimize results the affiliation platform offers to advertisers si affiliates and the fast expansion of the company.

For 2Parale, getting new investments to increase the quality of the service is a normal decision considering the extraordinary evolution of the Romanian e-commerce market. According to specialists, this market will grow from its actual level (Euro 300-400M) to around Euro 1BN in 2013. Since its launch, 2Parale set its objectives to match the development of the market and consolidate competencies in this  sector so it can be able to satisfy continously diversifying needs of the clients.

I am happy 2Parale wins a worthy partner with Stefan Iordache. His vision and experience in marketing and communication will contribute to boost the company to a new level of development. We have ambitious plans for the future, counting both on network’s fantastic evolution in only 3 years of existence and on the important growth potential of the ROmanian affiliate marketing market

Dorin Boerescu

CEO 2Parale

The partnership with 2Parale reflects the digital orientation we set since 2 years ago as strategical direction for Leo Burnett Group. We are rounding this way the competencies spectrum with a platform that will bring the clients that already invest in their brands development to the next level – marketing with results directly measurable in sales

Stefan Iordache

COO Leo Burnett Group

This transaction is an important step for Romanian online. First of all, it shows the local online services market is still growing, than it shows there are many opportunities for local entrepreneurs. From personal perspective, this transaction only confirms my opinion that entrepreneurship and local initiatives can be big satisfaction sources for those who decide to invest in this direction. The evolution 2Parale had under Dorin Boerescu’s leadership shows that there is yet unexplored entreprenorial capital reserves. I am convinced that, in the following years, 2Parale team, together with Stefan Iordache, will manage to consolidate the position it already has in the local online services infrastructure

Daniel Enache

Former Shareholder 2Parale

In its 3 years of presence on Romanian market, 2Parale generated for advertisers sales of over RON 20.6M (no VAT) and delivered over 38M clicks. Last year, the company brought to the network’s store over 100,000 sales valued at RON 13.5M (over Euro 3M), 3 times higher than in 2010.

2Parale’s turnover for 2011 was of Euro 400,000, 4 times higher than in 2010. Also last year, after 2 years of activity in Romania, 2Parale expanded also on Bulgarian market, via 2Leva. The advertisers portfolio that run campaigns via 2Parale include names such as Altex, ClickShop, Groupon, TinaR, MyCloset, Fashion Days, Hostway, Nemira, Plafar, evoMag and Continental Hotels.

The project of the affiliation network was announced by Radu Spineanu in December 2008, during NetCamp (an Evensys event). In February 2009, the project got the 2nd round of financement thourgh Seed Money fund. At the end of 2009, the business was taken over by Dorin Boerescu and Daniel Enache, with the business separated than in 2 companies. Now,  2Parale is a service provided by 2 Parale Afiliere, company that owns the platform exvlusive operations licence in Romania.

2Parale is the biggest affiliation network in Romania and is present online since December 2008. It has a portfolio of  111 companies and over 8,200 affiliates that delivered over 38M clicks and generated for advertisers sales of over RON 20.6M. 2Parale is the only affiliate marketing network member of IAB Romania.