Harley-Davidson tackles stereotypes in new advertising campaign


Harley-Davidson launched the latest developement of its “No Cages” campaign, which puts real Harley riders in the spotlight, while challenging stereotypes and launching the new Seventy-Two Sportster model.

Titled “E Pluribus Unum”‘ or “out of many, one”, the new campaign is the first content born out of Harley-Davidson’s new crowd-sourcing Facebook application called Fan Machine. Fan Machine allows Harley-Davidson’s 3.3 million Facebook fans to review an advertising brief, submit ideas and vote on submissions from other community members.

The centerpiece of the new campaign is a series of digital videos featuring genuine Harley-Davidson riders and a corresponding stereotype showcased as a Twitter hashtag – #StereotypicalHarley. The ads are designed to start a conversation that will come alive in the social sphere through Harley-Davidson’s Web site and social platforms.

The beauty of the “E Pluribus Unum” campaign is that it uses the element of surprise that exists in every Harley-Davidson owner to inspire people to think about riding our motorcycles

Scott Beck

Harley-Davidson’s General Manager of Marketing Operations for North America

The campaign is based on an idea submitted by Harold Chase (Tukwila, Washington), through the Fan Machine and the riders were casted on Twitter. Harley-Davidson worked with existing marketing partners including Victors & Spoils, VSA Partners, Digitas and Sapient to bring the entirely digital campaign to life.

Visuals from “E Pluribus Unum” campaign are available on Harley-Davidson website.