GfK Romania: Romanians, more optimistic financially compared to last year

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Romanians seem to be more optimistical from a financial perspective than they were a year ago, according to a new study made public by GfK Romania.

The number of Romanians considering their financial situation worse than in the previous year decreased from 68% in February 2011 to 61% this year. When it comes of country’s economical situation, Romanians continue to be pessimistic, with 76% considering the economy isn’t performing properly, down from 86% in 2011, and with half of them not believing in an improvement of the economical situation in the next period.

Less than half of people (40%) consider their income will remain the same in 2012, while 37% consider it will drop even more.

Romanians are continuing to show prudence when it comes of their money. Although the indicators on inflation and jobs stability show an increased optimism, the numbers related to savings didn’t improve compared to last year

Andi Dumitrescu

General Manager GfK Romania

80% of Romanians do not consider now is the good time to make savings and 84% don’t expect to put money aside next year either. Almost 3/4 of study’s respondents say that prices were higher in February 2012 compared to the same period of 2011 and 67% estimate they will continue to rise during 2012 with at least the same peace as before. People are a bit more trustful when it comes about jobs stability, with 67% thinking the unemployment will rise in 2012, down from 75% in 2011.

In the context, long usage goods acquisition intentions remain low, with 10% of Romanians having the intention to acquire such goods during the next year.

The information is part of Consumer Trust Barometer, a study co-financed by European Commision and made monthly by GfK Romania. Data is representative for Romanian population aged over 15, with 1,000 people being interviewed for the study each month.