French Jean Jacques – the new voice in Emporiki Bank Romania’s communication

Marketing, PR

Emporiki Romania – Groupe Credit Agricole presented today, in a press conference, bank’s new communication platform and its speaker, Jean Jacques, in a drive that adds French flavor to institution’s communication. Jean Jacques will be the voice that will promote all products and services provided by Emporiki Romania to its clients, as the new communication strategy will focus on bank’s membership to French Group Crédit Agricole.

Besides presenting the financial results of the bank for 2011, Pierre Martin, CEO Emporiki Romania, said also that the decision to launch a new communication platform came from the desire to better serve bank’s clients and give them faster and complete information on products and services available to them.

Benoît Sarraute, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the bank, gave more info related to the new communication platform, that targets corporate clients (aiming for Emporiki Bank to become their preferred bank with tailor made services), individuals (to have them use the bank as their main bank or preferred bank for savings or mortages) and SME (aimig to become the preferred bank for top SME entreprises).

Jean-Jacques will be the image of our brand. His personality and adventures will represent our brand in our next communication campaigns. He will be the spokesperson who will recommend the bank’s product that can make your life easier – “la vie en rose”, like the one he is living

Benoit Sarraute

Deputy General Manager

Emporiki Bank Romania, Group Crédit Agricole

Jean-Jacques is a typical Parisian guy, with the humor and personality of an authentically French guy. Therefore, the whole concept will inspire French feeling in all its ways. In the same time, Emporiki Romania will provide modern and custom oriented services, such as online banking and, stating this year, also mobile banking, together with tailor made products, as the bank considers a partner each and every of its clients.

The new communication strategy aims to consolidate and reinforce Emporiki Bank’s image as part of Groupe Credit Agricole, to generate awareness and to promote its products and services.

According to Emporiki officials,  the communication concept to be used by the bank is a new one, that also includes a new website and a Facebook profile.

The new website has an innovative design, smartphone-like, with the icons that can be changed in between and customizable background. Also, the website was optimized so every client would need no more than 3 clicks to find the info he needs. Another new feature of Emporiki’s website is the live online financial assistant (though a chat box) that helps people that are navigating on the website.

The bank launched also a Facebook page, where the main star is also Jean Jacques. Both the launch of the new website and Facebook page show a reorientation of the bank towards social media in order to increase its awareness with the Romanian public, companies or individuals.

The new communication platform launched by Emporiki Bank Romania shows that the institution is adapting to the new communication drive and trends. Moreover, it’s an acknowledgement from the bank that the institution needs to adapt, as adaptability will be the key word for banking in 2012, and to communicate with the clients through the social media, as it will be a solution to better reach the clients in the future.

In what concerns the Greek name of the bank and the French ownership, the officials said that, in the future, a name change might be considered, with a full rebranding not being crucial at the moment.

Emporiki Bank Romania is a member of Crédit Agricole Group, leading retail bank in France and Europe and 3rd worldwide by value of assets. Emporiki Bank Romania operates on the Romanian banking market since 1996.

Crédit Agricole Group is a leading partner in supporting 54 million customers worldwide with their projects in all areas of retail banking and associated specialized business lines: day-to-day banking, savings, home and consumer loans, insurance, private banking, asset management, leasing and factoring, corporate and investment banking.