1/3 Romanian Facebook pages have already adopted the new Timeline format

Social Media

According to Facebrands.ro, 5,162 from the total of 16,738 monitored pages already adopted Timeline format, 2 days before March 30th, the date when the new format will automatically introduces for all Facebook pages in the world.

From the top 100 Romanian Facebook pages, 40 already adopted the Timeline, among which Kiss FM, Lidl Romania, Pepsi Romania, Asiguratorii.ro, Fashiondays.ro and KFC Romania.

Most of the pages that adopted the new format did so in the first half of March (3,869, 75%), while 25% started using the format in the 2nd half of current month.

Timeline is the new format for pages and profiles introduced by Facebook to allow users and brands to better filter elements they want to share with friends and fans. Starting March 30th, all Facebook pages will have the new format.

Facebrands.ro is monitoring 16,738 Romanian pages on  Facebook and was launched by Standout and Byte Flux.