GolinHarris reinvents the PR agency’s traditional model, by launching the g4 model


GolinHarris reinvents the PR agency’s traditional model, by launching the g4 model, that offers to clients a holistic approach and complex digital expertize.

One year after its affiliation to one of the most valuable international PR networks, GolinHarris Bucharest announces a major change of its business model by creating a new agency structure, based on own innovative models and instruments

We continue to expand and to offer, through our group’s companies, services that will satisfy our clients needs. We are present in 2 new segments of the communication: mobile marketing and medical communication. Today, together with our colleagues from GolinHarris, we are making another important step and we launch an unique and innovative model for Romanian market and for the international one. The new model brings direct benefits for our PR team and new instruments that will help us offer to clients much complete integrated services

Veronica Savanciuc

President & CEO Lowe Group.

g4 model launched by GolinHarris Bucharest was created at global level last year and was conceived to answer clients’ more and more specific needs. The matrix was already implemented in the offices from US, UK and Sweden, now in Romania and will be introduced in the near future also in China.

The new approach subscribes to a business vision based on hyperspecialization and cultivating the talent of each team member. The role of each person is practically dictated by his native capabilities. g4 model means, if you want, “a talent divide”. What we aim for is a holistic development and transforming PR in an aggregator. I hope that, in a year from now, you won’t name us just a PR agency, because we will offer much more services. What we want is to develop towards integrating the 4 new types of media: earned, shared, owned and bought

Matt Neale

President, International GolinHarris.

According to the new model, teams roles are configured in a different way compared to a traditional agency, based on generalist specialist and hierarchically structured on seniority. g4 is built around 4 communities of specialists and is based on capabilities and performance, combining in one entity 4 areas of expertise:

  • Strategists – analysts that understand the events and forces that have impact on the future and on client’s business. Armed with the newest researches’ results, they are the ones that are discovering the key information that inspire original and successful campaigns
  • Creators – are the bold thinkers that have the talent to always generate innovative ideas, that made the difference. They are the storytellers that are model and create content in order to bring ideas back to life
  • Connectors are experts in networking that are connecting different types of audience, more and more fragmented and specialized. An unified community, no matter where they are across tge world, they are the specialists that know how to combine efficiently social media and traditional channels
  • Catalysts – in the center of g4 model, they are the agents of change, the ones that are coordinating the integrated, holistic implementation of campaigns. They coordinate all micro-disciplines, interact with the other 3 specialists communities and discover opportunities to place the clients always with a step ahead.

Communication is changing intensively. Same goes for us. We aligned out people, procedures, technology and know-how to help our clients win in this more and more complex and connected world. We separated from the generalist traditionalist traditional agency model. We replaced the formal hierarchies with hyper-specialists teams. We aren’t execs and accounts anymore, we are what each of us knows to make better: we are strategists, creators, catalysts or connectors, depending of everyone’s excellence area. Our clients are benefiting, this way, from talent and expertise from every specialist in the local team, but also by the talent of our colleagues from GolinHarris network, because each specialist is permanently connected, online, to global communities he is part of, which means practically an unlimited variety of solutions, answers and ideas

Hortensia Nastase

Managing Partner GolinHarris Bucharest.

To support the new structure and specific needs of each community, the agency invested in creating its own instruments and processes. The result is The Bridge, a multimedia communication hub by GolinHarris. It is a network of multimedia centers created to facilitate the fast placing of the messages in traditional and digital media, identifying opportunities in real time and involving influencers from online and offline.

Another special created instrument is Bright Collective, a system to collect ideas from creators comunities all over the world, and Planning Cube, a strategical planning tool.

Once with the new business model, GolinHarris Bucharest relaunched its website and its blog, and launched its own Facebook page.