HBO Go, VOD service available in Romania to Romtelecom’s clients


HBO Go, VOD service launched by HBO, is available in Romania for Romtelecom’s Dolce and Dolce Interactive clients, that have MaxPak subscriptions.

HBO Central Europe, provider of premium TV in Central and Eastern Europe, offers to its clients HBO Go, a video-on-demand service dedicated to MaxPak subscribers and that can be accessed from any internet-connected device. The service is available to Romtelecom MaxPak subscribers for free, for 2 months.

HBO’s VOD service allows subscribers to watch their favorite programs directly on their computers, tablets or smartphones (on Android and iOS platforms), from anywhere they have a fast internet connection and as many times as they want, continously.

HBO Go’s offer includes over 600 hours of diverse programs, from movies and series to documentaries and concerts. This offer is improved weekly with new content.

The service uses a technology that adapts image’s quality depending on internet connection, offering optimum conditions for viewing and no interruptions of programs. The service also provides the newest movies and HBO original premium productions, sometimes previous to them being broadcasted on TV channels.

Basically, HBO Go’s offer for its clients includes: 150 hours of new movies monthly, over 600 hours of HBO original productions, instant access to favorite movies and series, but also at exclusive materials, easy to use interface, the possibility to watch more times any movie, series or program, the option to watch all the episodes from a favorite series in row, view episodes before their broadcast on TV, weekly updated content available for at least a month.