Mercury360 groups in Outbox its digital and one-to-one communication competencies

Business, Digital & Media

Mercury360 launched Outbox, the new brand identity that groups its digital and one-to-one communication competencies.

The agency’s launch comes as the advertising market transfers more and more interest and resources towards digital. Moreover, online competencies and the volume of interactive campaigns developed by Mercury360’s digital division had a rising trajectory during the last couple years.

The launch of the new agency shows our engagement in terms of interest, involvement and resources oriented towards interactive, towards developing platforms that will help brands maximize their online results. We considered appropriated to make an independent business entity, adapted to market’s dynamics and that will become, on medium term, one of the main players in its sector

Radu Miu,

General Manager Mercury360

“The *uncomplicated” is a declaration and a credo of the new agency. Complex technologies adapted to digital communication platform are used to their real potential, remaining accesible both for brands and for their consumers.

The services Outbox offers (strategic planning, digital services, integrated projects) are guiding brands through the challenges brought by new technologies development, offering them integrated digital strategies and customized solutions of efficient, relevant and memorable communication. We want to differentiate ourselves by coming up with solutions rather than implementation on specific channels.

Adrian Pavelescu

Managing Director Outbox

Adrian Pavelescu takes over as Managing Director Outbox after over 7 years in which he coordinated the direct and digital division of Mercury360. Specialized on digital and customized communication channels, he developed strategies and communication channels both for consumer and B2B. Nowadays, his focus is towards maximizing benefits of new technologies in brand communication.

More details on Outbox are available on agency’s website and on their Facebook page.