Romanian bloggers started their own Top Gear

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Alex Ciuca and Razvan Baciu started a car reviews project,, a website with video reviews related to tested cars, from a consumer’s point of view. During the car tests, the 2 bloggers will be joined by a special guest.

“Because together with the colleague RazvanBB we started since last year to play with different cars and we like doing that together, we decided to make this relation official”, writes Alex, on his blog.

Razvan Baciu also blogged details related to project.

“We made some sort of auto show on the following format: me and Hoinaru (hosts) and a guest are driving around in a car we saw the 1st time and we do whatever. We have video cameras in the car and on the car and we are filming everything. The final result includes the most interesting moments so we won’t bore our public”, he says.

According to Razvan Baciu’s blog, he and Alex have different tastes when it comes to cars: Razvan likes powerful sports cars while Alex likes cars with low fuel consumption, safe and easy to drive in urban areas.

Midocar, that celebrates 20 years of presence on Romanian market this year, is the 1st official partner of the project. Alex and Razvan will have the mission to test 12 Audi and Volkswagen cars during 2012 and the testing for Midocar’s autovehicles will run under “CarBusters feat. Midocar” name. The 1st tested model was an Audi A1 and the special guest for this test was Andra Zaharia.

“If I’d have to make a parallel with Top Gear, I’d say Razvan is exactly like Clarkson (“Poweeeer! More poweeeeer!”), and Hoinaru is a younger and more alive James May (no offence, mate), because he likes economy cars that are suited for urban areas. That left me to be a feminine Hammond of the team for this time. I wonder who will take my place next time?”, Andra Zaharia wrote, after the drive test with the 2 Romanian Car Busters. – officially announced on April 12th – is also present on Facebook and Twitter.