New informative product from Romanian State TV, distributed through self-service ZebraPay terminals

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Romanian State TV and ZebraPay, company that offers electronic payments services through self-service terminals, closed a partnership through which Romanian State TV (TVR) will distribute towards general public general news through a permanent crawl available on ZebraPay terminals.

Through this unique partnership on Romanian media market, TVR offers a customized RSS feed, including the news of the day, weather forecast and currency exchange info, but also general interest info. ZebraPay has, in this moment, 600 terminals in the main Romanian cities, from which a third are in Bucharest, and aims to increase its network to 5,000 points.

ZebraPay terminals are available in locations such as supermarkets and hipermarkets, commercial centers and galleries, agro-alimentary markets, universities and student campuses, colleges, high shools and oil stations. ZebraPay’s clients can use the terminals to get mobile phones credit, buy Paysafecard codes, vigniets for Romania and Hungary, discount coupons,  bus tickets, games, software licenses, press subscriptions, music and to pay cash for online buys.

According to ZebraPay, the terminals are exposed to 1M visitors a day, with 1,500 unique users a day and over 3,000 people that are checking their menus.

Innovation is one of Romanian State TV’s values, that we identified during the process of elaborating TVR Chart, that we started in 2011 (…) We are innovating in the way we create and distribute TV content. We innovate in how we interact and communicate with our public.  We are innovating already in our relationship with the new technologies in order to be a reference player on the TV market in the next few decades

Alexandru Lazescu

President&CEO Romanian State TV

ZebraPay offers to its clients a modern solution to reduce the time spent on payments, through a friendly and easy to use interface. We understand and answer successfully to transparency, comfort and trust needs and this brings us, every month, more and more clients happy with the experience  they had using our services. We saw in the partnership with TVR an opportunity that brings added value to the services available at our terminals, but also a differentiation element

Lucian Butnaru

CEO  ZebraPay

Among the projects developed by TVR using new technologies are: the launch of TVR Info news channel and development of an app that allows the live view on smartphones, simultaneous broadcasts on TV and web for important programs, an online video platform to make available for viewers TVR’s productions, inclusively the ones in Romanian State TV’s archives.

Moreover, TVR aims to communicate directly and interactively with its public and the partnership with ZebraPay partnership is just the latest step in this direction. TVR is also present online on Facebook and Twitter.