Festival promo ad by Sergiu Celibidache Foundation and Sister&Co


Sisters&Co and Sergiu Celibidache Foundation launched the communication campaign for Sergiu Celibidache Festival, that will take place between July 3rd-7th .

The TV ad brings on the screen images from Romanian State TV archives, from concerts that took place under Maestro’s wand.

For Sister, this project mainly meant an occasion to expand out cultural horizon. We would be hypocrites to say that we knew a lot about Sergiu Celibidache. We probably knew as much as everybody does, that he was a big Romanian orchestra conductor, a national value, but that’s about all. When we found out more about his life and activity, not only reading a lot about him and seeing tens of hours of materials, but also through his son’s, Serge Celibidache, view, we were completely won by his extraordinary personality. We were inspired by his non-conformism and by the fact he risked everything to follow his dream,  he left home while young to get to Bucharest and, shortly after, he left Romania, without seeing his parents again (…)

Alexandra Tinjala

Sister&Co. team handling  the project included  Alexandra Tinjala, Raluca Ciupercescu, Cosmin Cucu, Elena Popirtan, Razvan Dutchevici and Amalia Lupsa.

Ad’s production was done in partnership with Multimedia Est and sound design studio Waveform Media (Marius Leftarache).