AdBrain and Infinit Solution joined the cause: Let’s Do It Romania!


As 2012 is a year marked by the global level change in the international movement “Let`s Do It, World!”, this is also the concept of “Let`s Do It, Romania!” 2012 campaign – “We change the world together!”. For that, Romanian agency AdBrain Partners made the communication campaign for print, radio and TV, while Infinit Solutions Agency handled the online for “Let`s Do It, Romania!” this year.

In this kind of project, everyone does what he knows best. We developed a communication campaign through which we hope to transform Romania in a much cleaner country. This is possible only with help from thousand volunteers. If we work as a team – in which everyone fulfills its role, we can achieve things that seem impossible. This is where the campaign message came from: We change the world together! Although it seems surreal, the message is a sincere one and we trust in it. I hope that, on May 12th, all Romanians will think they can change the world

Vlad Schuster

General Manager AdBrain Partners

An important component of the campaign is the TV ad, made with support from Commitet Creatives and directed by Andrei Amarfoaie. This year, the star of the TV ad is the Eco Super Hero, the image of “Let`s Do It, Romania!” volunteer . Each volunteer is considered a small hero that manages, through his involvement in the campaign, to bring a positive change to the world he lives in.

Campaign’s concept for this year came naturally, because it expresses an idea that we, “Let’s Do it Romania!”‘s team, strongly believe in: the gesture of each volunteer that participates to the cleaning action matters, small gestures, gathered (as it is the participation to National Cleaning Day) are the ones that, with time, bring important changes. And, considering that we are talking already about a national movement our action is part of, the change is a visible one. For us, each volunteer is a little hero, because he chose not to stay aside and to involve and move things towards a good direction

“Let`s Do It, Romania!” representatives

TV ad and radio ad are available online, on Letsdoitro official channel.

When it’s about the online component, action’s partner is Infinit Solutions Agency, that supported the project for the 2nd year in a row, offering consultancy and online and social media developments. Soon, Let’s Do It Romania will launch a new version of website, with a new Facebook app launched already.

We are in the 2nd consecutive year of partnership with “Let’s Do It, Romania!” and we are happy again that the things we are doing together are changing the world. We think that online remains the main medium to attract volunteers  for the general cleaning on May 12th, and we believe more in last years’ volunteers and their power to gather teams that they would lead this year. Starting from these hypothesis, we imagined touch-points around the online user, that will offer him all the needed info to afterwards join as easy as possible for May 12th general cleaning day

Emanuel Zeiler

Client Service Director Infinit Solutions Agency

“Let’s Do It, Romania!” is the biggest project of social involvement in Romania, that aims to clean thrash accumulated in natural areals in just one day. In 2010 and 2011, during the 2 editions organized until now, over half million volunteers participated to National Cleaning Day. In 2012, this day will be May 12th, a day during which Romania will make a general cleaning along with Bulgaria, Moldavia and Turkey. Over 85 countries will undergo general cleaning between March 24th-September 25th this year.