news portal relaunched

Digital & Media, Media relaunched the website, using a new and more attractive layout, being the 1st of the online publishing platforms in Romania with a specific layout for the most common screen resolutions (1024×768 and 1280×800).

Moreover, the portal has a well defined structure and, in order to show the best the editorial content, the sections are well delimited and visually highlighted, with news being completed with photo and video to offer readers a complete experience.

Meanwhile, “Breaking News” information is posted differently, depending on the type of promoted info, while Meteo info is highlighted to make it easy to access. On the other hand, the main shows of the day at Realitatea TV are supported visually by their stars image.

The news portal also improved its search engine, adding supplementary functions, for different types of content. Also, gives its users the possibility to be connected continuously to the most important events and articles. The mobile version of the portal can be customized for any type of mobile phone.

The new portal will fulfill better our readers’ expectations and will consolidate our position as the main news site for events like Breaking News, but also for daily info from all the domains: politic, social, sport, economics and lifestyle”

Sorin Kosz,

Publisher Realitatea.Net