Romanian Next saves more, in a campaign for Terra Milleniului III

Ads, Creativity

Next made, for Terra Mileniul III Foundation, “Save more”, a national campaign to raise awareness on the climatic changes dangers.

The campaign, that includes a TV ad and a website, is the 1st social campaign that doesn’t ask people to do something in order to make a better world and, moreover, asks people to be cheap and also save more people.

The website,, is created in such a way that the user must turn off the light from a section in order to be able to navigate to another section.

The creative concept starts from the idea that most of social campaigns ask frequently money donations in order to save someone from the situation he is in. Next went with the idea that, even if you don’t want to donate any money, you can still save a lot of people by saving resources and contribute to diminishing the climatic changes responsible for killing 350,000 people a year.

The teams working on this campaign included:

Next Advertising: Semida Duriga (strategy, copy, direction, project management), Liviu David (site design, creative director), Victor Barac (site design), Adrian Isaia (TV ad design), Oana Radu (media manager)

Reload Film: Sebastian Tudor (producer),  Traian Ardac (executive producer), Oana Rapeanu (post-production manager) and Andi Dumitrescu (montaj)

Terra Mileniul III: Ioana Ciuta (executive director, communication manager), Lavinia Andrei (president), Raluca Petrescu (project assistant), Frido (pet)

Also, Vlad Gheorghiu – KMP Studio (music composer) and Sorin Olexiuc (website programmer) were involved in the campaign.