Romanian platform SMARK repositions, through an image campaign


After a series of changes of design and editorial structure, SMARK, Romanian editorial platform targeting marketing professionals in Romania, is focusing on its new positioning by launching an image campaign.

The campaign is declined on radio, print and online, including social media, and will run for a month. “Marketing means people. We are here to tell their story” is campaign’s tag line. The campaign starts from the premises that marketing, beyond numbers and reports, bears the signature of people that practice it, of the marketeers that are, body and soul, close to brands.

Marketing is about all happens beyond numbers, market quotas and brands extensions, it is the story behind that, built by people that put passion in what they are doing (…) SMARK is the touch point between them and these stories, because who else can write better than the ones that are in direct contact, on daily basis, with the people in this industry?

Ioana Dogaru

Marketing strategy and communication consultant SMARK

Campaign’s executions are surprising a few of the observations made by SMARK editors during their interactions with marketeers, thoughts behind some punctual actions in marketeers’ jobs, from the launch of a new product until it is available in store or until the meeting with the consumer.

The new SMARK sections gave us a more nuanced image about the people behind the results we are announcing every day in industry-related news. Sections like BrandLife or After 6 showed us marketeers that are so connected to their brands that they get to see them like their own children, to be affected at personal level by each moment in the live of brands they are developing. More than a business publication, SMARK is talking about marketing and brands, it talks to the people that want to understand more than what they are seeing in store and than quarterly reports, and we considered natural to have this as the central point of the campaign

Sonia Ardelean

Editorial coordinator SMARK

The campaign was developed internally by SMARK team including Sonia Ardelean, Marin Preda – Sales Manager Blue Idea, Ioana Mihai – Editor SMARK & IQads, Livia Plamadeala – Art Director, Ioana Dogaru – Marketing strategy and communication coordinator Smark, Adriana Lungu – Business Developer Blue Idea.