Ford chose PeerPerks to create social media coversations around its new B-Max launch in Europe

Social Media

Ford launched, on May 10th, a campaign targeting the most influential social media users in Europe, as part of its plans to launch its new B-Max model. This is the biggest influencer marketing campaign ran by now in Europe.

Using the influence marketing in social media platform PeerPerks, Ford will offer for 1,000 users with influence in social media on 6 European markets an unique present to mark the launch of the new car.

Developed together with Blue Hive, the campaign will used the unique capabilities PeerPerks to identify social media users in France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Romania and UK, with influence in social media for subjects such as auto, lifestyle and tech. Social media users will be invited to enter a dedicated micro-site, where they can enter they data to see if they can benefit of the free present.

1,000 eligible users in targeted areas will receive a 3D holo representation of the new car, created with a technology previously used only by US army. Also, they will get a special flash light that, when oriented towards the image, will unveil the holographic representation.

PeerPerks is a new service that allows users to receive benefits based on their social media profile, offering to them the chance to receive free products from brands, depending on their activity and influence on Twitter, Facebook and  LinkedIn. The service connects the social media users with brands that want to get to people with online influence on specific domains.

Company’s tech evaluates individually social media accounts to identify people with influence on specific themes. This facilitates afterwards a sampling interaction between people and brands, offering consumers a special experience they can share afterwards with their friends through social platforms.

This is an important moment for influencer marketing activity. Adopting this approach by one of the biggest brands in the world for a pan-European campaign shows this is the best moment for this technology

Azeem Azhar

CEO PeerIndex