V+O Communication gets diamonds

Branding, PR

The 1st diamonds wholesaler in Romania, member of Israelian Diamonds Exchange, chose V+O Communication for integrated communication and strategic consultancy services in approaching Romanian precious stones market in Romania.

Romanians must know a lot of people can afford to buy a diamond, but they need to make such an acquisition from a seller that offers authenticity certificates and accessible prices. I know that, practically, there isn’t such a market in Romania – meaning buying diamonds from a wholesaler, and that is exactly why we chose a communication agency, to make this thing known to Romanians: diamonds aren’t just for the rich ones, but also for the ones that love the beauty or that want to make sure they will have an income source when they are old

Arie David

A.David Diamonds & Gold.

Diamonds Exchange in Israel and the one in Antwerpen (Belgium) are controlling almost completely the world diamonds commerce. Arie David works in this field since 1980 and is one of the 3,600 of Diamonds Exchange in Tel Aviv since 1988. In Romania, Arie David will address 3 categories of potential clients: jewelry makers to which to offer stones for good conditions and prices, diamonds fans and buyers-investors that use diamonds as investments tool on long term.

I think we are the 1st communication agency in Romania that works for a diamonds distributor, member of Diamonds Exchange in Tel Aviv. It is a field as much exciting as beautiful, that I want us to promote at its real value in out country

Loredana Visa

General Manager V+O Communication Romania

This partnership practically announces Romania’s entry on the worldwide diamonds market, by opening the business of the 1st professional diamonds commerciant, that has stocks of precious stones for any demand from any jewel maker or private client and can deliver, on order and in short term, almost any diamond.