Romanian Prime Minister launched vPonta app and talked about ACTA at RoNewMedia

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Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, launched, at RoNewMedia, the app “vPonta” for  iPhone and  iPad users and said that this app will increase the decision making transparence at governmental and political level for the people that are following his website and Facebook page.

It is an app for my Facebook and site, through which Apple users can have faster access to the info I am posting on Facebook and on my internet page.

Victor Ponta

Ponta also said that it would be harder for him to properly fulfill his duties if someone would take away his tablet and his mobile phone.

Also, the Romanian Prime Minister said the new ACTA treaty wouldn’t be ratified in Romania until it will be modified in Brussels.

We won’t ratify the treaty until European Parliament wouldn’t operate modification that will give insurances, as is correct, on intellectual property rights, but also that will insure that the document won’t affect my right to a private life. The moment you let the internet providers to enter my e-mail address, to read my messages – I don’t want something like that to happen to me personally and I want even less for that to happen to any Romanian citizen

Victor Ponta