Romanian Fiscal Authority blocked Romanian state TV’s accounts


Romanian Fiscal Authority (ANAF) blocked Romanian state TV (SRTV)’s accounts as the company owned Romanian state taxes worth RON 308M (around Euro 71.5M), from which around RON 230M debts and the rest – penalties, writes Mediafax, quoting ANAF sources.

ANAF blocked and will execute all money in SRTV’s accounts and also blocked some of Romanian state TV’s goods. According to ANAF, some of the due taxes were close to prescription term.

Romanian TV Society (SRTV) ended 2011 with a RON 106.8M deficit, as Public TV had, last year, an income of RON 583M, according to SRTV’s activity report. Also, Romanian State TV spent in total, in 2011, RON 743.8M.

On June 30th, the new Managing Board of SRTV took over, inheriting accumulated fiscal loss of RON 243.5M (@ Euro 60M).

According to Alexandru Lazarescu, TVR’s chief, Romanian public TV kept on accumulating losses since 2005 and they keep increasing, due to contracts signed by previous management that couldn’t be cancelled.

According to SRTV, account blocking by ANAF can negatively reflect upon the campaign for Romanian local elections, that can also affect democratic process. Also, SRTV’s officials announced they will do everything possible to identify solutions in order to solve the situation

With the accounts blocked by ANAF, SRTV won’t be able to make payments for salaries and state due taxes.