Brandstalk gathered over 200 people on a playground for Margaritar


Brandstalk, Romanian advertising agency part of the group, created a game space for all graphic artists eager to show their creativity, daring them to an imagination exercise capable to generate WOM.

The campaign, developed for Agrana Romania (Margaritar brand), took place between March 7th – April 20th and gathered on the playground over 200 participants, that submitted over 500 graphic works.

We are looking for an innovative solution to improve the aspect of Agrana sugar factory next to Roman. We came up with the idea of wrapping  the building in a mash visible for everybody that crosses by on Roman-Bucharest road, as the factory is positioned right next to the road. The option to give graphicians the possibility to show their creativity there seemed interesting for us and their involvement proved to be over our expectations and encourages us to come up with similar challenges in the future, especially as we discovered how loved Margaritar brand is by consumers. I say that because there were a lot of entries in the competition that were representing sweet statements from Margaritar’s fans

Sorin Soroceanu

Marketing Manager Agrana Romania

The dare to came up with a graphic proposal for the mash that would wrap factory’s facade was promoted both online and offline, with informational posters placed in the universitary centers from Cluj, Iasi, Timisoara, Brasov and Bucharest. The posters were targeting mainly the students from Art and Architecture Faculties. The campaign included a dedicated microsite and was initially promoted on specialized romanian and international websites.

Starting from the huge surface of the mash – over 3,000 square meters – we developed the concept of “playground” and invited graphicians from Romania and not only to “play” and to draw on this mash “everything their minds come up with”. Although the dare was a complex one, the involvement of the participants surpassed out expectations not only in numbers, but also in what concerns the quality of graphical executions and originality of entered works. Moreover, we are happy we managed to involve so many Margaritar consumers and not only, in a relevant and emotional way.  It must be a great experience to see your creation exposed on such a surface

Roxana Memetea

Managing Partner Brandstalk Advertising

After analyzing the 515 entered works on the grounds of technical demands, 177 worked remained in contest. Afterwards, a jury selected 3 winners:  Maximilian Turza with “Sweet Urban Sugar”, Stefania Panduru with “Vintage” and Florian Palincas with “Agrana Fantasy World”. The winning works are available on the microsite. The draw with highest scores will be printed on the mash, while the 3 winners received prizes (Euro 1,500 for the main prize and Euro 600 for each of the other 2 winners).