Skol Land, men’s special place, promised in a new Euro 2M image campaign for Skol

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Beer brand Skol and Romanian advertising agency Papaya launched a new image campaign, with Euro 2M budget, targeting men that are burdened by responsibilities and need to escape from the daily reality, offering them an escape: a special space where all problems find a solutions and men can relax in the most pleasant ways.

Because we know very well men that drink Skol and we understand their needs, we created Skol Land, an unique concept that promotes relaxation and a reconfirmation of the “man” status. Although Skol Land might seem to be only a spirit state that comes to life with each opened Skol bottle, we will create this space also in reality. Follow Skol in the next period and you will find out the details

Doron Zilberstein

Vice-President Marketing URBB.

When it comes of recreational activities and the atmosphere in Skol Land, whose are presented in detail in the TV ad that launched the campaign.

We wanted from the very beginning to create a space where the consumer can be free, where he won’t be poked at every step by PowerPoint’s with different positioning coming from marketing offices or from the agency. A space that any man that drinks a beer with his friends would recognize as being good mainly for itself and not for the ordered beer brand. Maybe the 1st time in communicating a beer brand in Romania, the communication is about consumer, and not directed towards him. Skol intelligently and humoristic avoids to boost itself, saying rather what brand would like to do for men than how men that drink Skol should be or should appreciate.

Robert Tiderle

Creative Director Papaya

The new school campaign will be declined on TV (on main national TV stations) and adapted for print, outdoor and online.

The teams involved in making the campaign are:

URBB: Doron Zilberstein – Vice-President Marketing, Anca Aldea – Senior Brand Manager, Georgiana Sima – Junior Brand Manager

Papaya Advertising:  Robert Tiderle, Petru Cuciuc, Andrada Sas, Adrian Gaganciuc – creative,Ramona Sima, Andreea Balta –  Client Service:

Family Film: production house

Dan Samoila – photographer

MediaEdge: Mihaela Stancescu, Catalin Zaharia, Mihaela Antonescu

GolinHarris: Alina Popa – Manager Consumer Division, Valeriu Ispir – Digital Manager, Anca Scarlat – Media Associate, Diana Bucuroiu – Associate Community Manager Consumer Division.

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