Volksbank and BBDO Group Romania salute the Romanians who continue to follow their joy


Running under the slogan “Volksbank salutes those who continue to follow their joy”, Volksbank Romania 2012 communication campaign is signed by the BBDO Group Romania and stars Magda Savuica, the initiator of the “273 places to see in Romania” project.

The campaign was launched on May 18th, as Volksbank celebrates 12 years of existence in Romania. Sprung from the desire to build up on the communication platform they initiated with the BBDO Group Romania in 2011, “We salute people’s simple joys”, Volksbank has adopted a much more intimate communication strategy this year, based on the process of finding real Romanians, with simple joys.

The new campaign continues the idea of the “Simple Joys”. It is, in fact, the emotional expression of the philosophy on which we build our whole discourse to the public and it lively proves, through a very inspirational individual example, the relevance of our communication to Romanians everywhere. What is different from last year is that, upon celebrating 12 years of activity in Romania, Volksbank chooses to present a real story, with characters that are just as real, about Romania, about the wonderful places and special people that inhabit it. Magda is a beautiful person, full of a joy which has moved us all through her simplicity and easiness, in which we hope that each and every one of the members of our audience will find oneself. Starting from a personal passion, Magda has managed to build a true community of over 250.000 members on Facebook. While we are all talking about leaving the country, Magda insists on pointing out for us what we did not know about ourselves or what we had forgotten.

Alfred Borcan

Marketing Director Volksbank Romania

In 2012, Volksbank salutes those whose who continue to follow their joy, and this salute includes the entire BBDO team, that was delighted to meet both Magda Săvuică, a wonderful person with such a simple, yet motivating joy, and to discover Matt Sundin, a director endowed with a rare visual sense, and, last but not least, to keep working alongside the Volksbank Romania team, towards the development of a beautiful brand.

Alex Strimbeanu

Group Creative Director BBDO Romania

28 year old Magda Savuica is from Bucharest and has initiated the projects “273 places to see before you leave Romania” and “The National Joy Day for Romanians”. Started in August 2010, the “273” project has over 250.000 Facebook fans at the moment, constituting one of the largest local social media communities.

273 has started as a personal passion for places in Romania that are less known by the majority. Over the years, I have gathered in a notepad all the different places that I would have liked to visit. I used to discover them in the novels I read, during my travels or in my friends’ stories. Later on, I thought I would upload them on Facebook, in an album, to share my suggestions with my eager to travel friends. The comments were extremely positive and my friends were delighted. I hadn’t thought for a moment that I could take it to the next level.

Magda Savuica

The Volksbank communication campaign has been launched on the 18th of May on all communication media (TV, radio, print, online, OOH).

 The team which has worked on the Volksbank campaign includes:

BBDO Group Romania: Alex Strîmbeanu – Group Creative Director, Razvan Alexandrescu – Art Director, Ioana Ghilerdea – Group Account Director, Bogdan Tinculescu – Account Manager, Oana Preda – Senior Account Executive, Ștefan Chiritescu – Head of Strategy, Mirabela Pricopi – Group Account Director, Alina Moldovan – Digital Strategic Thinker, Angela Dinu – Media Planner TV, Radio & Print and Dan Balasoiu – OOH Manager

Volksbank Romania: Alfred Borcan – Marketing Director, Camelia Tanase – Marketing Manager, Adrian Patarlageanu – Media Manager, Iuliana Pacesila – Senior Communication Specialist, Dragos Radu – Marketing Specialist, Iuliana Duta – Marketing Specialist, Alina Stanciu – Marketing Specialist.