History lesson from GMP Advertising and Romtelecom, with a special print ads project

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GMP Advertising and Romtelecom realized a special special print ads project, a history lesson from a new perspective – small details that influenced historical events. The project was made to promote HD TV channels from Romtelecom and consisted in a series of 3 print ads made for National Geographic and published within the volume series “The History Book”. The leaping through history included 3 stops at important moments: Black plague, Vasco da Gama travels in Indies and California’s colonization. Each of these moments was dramatized in a press ad.

The ads were published in 3 consecutive numbers – March, April and May – and unveiled small details – like fleas – that determined the plague, drawn in a specific manner for that period (medieval engraving). In April, the Renaissance style ad unveils the way the route to Indies was discovered by Vasco da Gama, with the  pepper – a very expensive and looked for at that time –  brought on shore only by Venice merchants. The 19th century inspired ad shows California’s colonization, lithographic represented, and the detail – the gold rock – that started the Gold Rush and the drive of people it generated from all over the world.

The History Book, a project recommended by  Romtelecom, is a series of volumes published by National Geographic that include, in an unique and attractive formula, over 5,000 years of history, focusing on the most influent 88 people from universal history, events and ideas that transformed the world during all this time.

GMP Advertising team involved in realizing the print ads and the special project included Florin Padureanu – Art Director, Laur Raboj – Copywriter, Olivia Basag – Group Creative Director, Stefan Vasilachi – Creative Director, Radu Teodorescu – AV Production Manager, Ioana Gheorghita – Head of Strategy, Ioana Cadir – Account Director and Oana Isac – Senior Account Executive.

Romtelecom’s team included Ruxandra Rau – Marketing Director Residential Segment and Ioana Corcodel – Media Specialist.

The print ads were made with help from Mihai Tzenovici – Illustrator.

GMP is one of the main Romanian independent agencies. GMP created, over time, successful stories for brands such as Timisoreana, Romtelecom, Alexandrion, Cava d’Oro, Apa Nova, Boom, Bucovina, Cocolino, Cosmote, Millennium Bank, Monte Banato, Omo. For its results, the agency received national and international recognition, in festivals like Cannes Lions and Effie.

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