Cristian Burci will finance with $1.5M the most promising digital start-ups, through Digital Catalyst Fund


Cristian Burci, founder of Digital Catalyst Fund, will invest $1.5M annually to develop business and 24/7 access to top infrastructures. Representing a novelty element in the fast economic development process in Romania and the high level reached by software engineering domain, Digital Catalyst Fund includes a board of exceptional international experts such as professionals in tech sector, academics and sales people.

Digital Catalyst Fund offers support and advises to entrepreneurs at the start of their activity in Europe and US, putting them in contact with top tech teams in Romania, in order to create the best digital start-ups.

Nadia Comaneci is member in Digital Catalyst Fund board.

As Romania’s honorific consul in US, but also as American citizen, my role is double, and I am trying to do all it is in my power for young people on both continents. This project (Digital Catalyst Fund) is one very close to my soul, being the 1st one that allows me to support in the same time American and Romanian young people, but also Romanian economy. I am sure that in competition will be entered very creative projects (Romanian and American young people do amaze by their ideas and innovations), that for sure will come to life in Romania, a market with a huge potential. Their dream will become reality with the help of Digital Catalyst Fund, a business incubator I believe a lot and Romanian economy will only benefit, both financially but also in terms of jobs for young people

Nadia Comaneci

Targeting entrepreneurs from Europe and US and making the contact between them and Romanian tech teams, Digital Catalyst Fund will help removing the major problem start-ups have: finding performant tech partners and access to them at reasonable prices. The developing economy in Romania, access to tech support and the fiscal system will help launching profitable entities, resulted by an unique combination of “smart capital” with talented and well qualified work force.

I joined this wonderful project mainly because I support excellence, no matter the domain. I did proved that from the start of my career, through the results I had, and, afterwards, I got involved in supporting talented and passioned young people, no matter the boarders or activities. I always encouraged and promoted performance, no matter it’s sports results or professional or educational performance (and I am speaking here about what I managed to do via Nadia Comaneci Foundation).  Obviously, my support is mainly targeting sports world but, in the recent period, I am trying to get involved in as many projects that can do something for valuable young people, not necessarily in sports

Nadia Comaneci

Entrepreneurs can apply,  via, until July 15th, with 10 start-ups to be selected by August 1st and start the “training camp” in Romania on September 1st. The 2nd round of Digital Catalyst Fund investments will start in January 2013.