Diablo III real money auction house uses PayPal

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One of the most expected things by gamers playing Diablo III was the very long waited for and Blizzard promised Real Money Auction House (RMAH), that is now available and offers gamers the possibility to earn real money, that they cash in via PayPal.

Already for couple days now, the layers have access the real-money auction house, which offers players the option to buy and sell the swords, armor, and other loot they find in-game using real-world money. PayPal is the preferred payment provider for the real-money auction house in certain regions, and its services give players a possibility to buy items and receive proceeds from their successful auction-house sales.

Two different versions of the auction house will be available for Diablo III players to choose from: one based on in-game gold and one based on real-world currency. Players using the real-money auction house can opt to have proceeds from their auctions transferred directly into their PayPal account to use with any of the millions of merchants that accept PayPal all over the world, or continue to use their earnings within the Diablo III real-money auction house.

PayPal experience enables players to buy and sell items using real money quickly and easily, and the process is seamlessly integrated into the game. Once a Diablo III player has set up PayPal for use with the Diablo III auction house, PayPal will appear as an option directly in the game’s interface whenever that player wants to buy or sell an item on the real-money auction house.

PayPal offers the service in Diablo III as, according to its independent research, over 70% of gamers are already PayPal customers.

Auction House’s way and means are available in a how-to guide by Blizzard and in a special auction house FAQ section.

  • Most important things PayPal users have to keep in mind when using the real-money auction house are:
  • When selling an item and want to use PayPal to receive the money, you’ll need to choose PayPal right when you post the auction, as there isn’t a possibility to change destination account for auction proceeds after it was posted or after the item was sold.
  • If you successfully sell something and selected PayPal to receive your proceeds, Diablo III auction house charges 15% transfer fee. PayPal won’t charge an additional fee to receive the proceeds of that sale.
  • There may be other fees associated with using PayPal – such as foreign exchange fees or fees to transfer funds from PayPal to your bank, with info on this matter available on PayPal’s help site.
  • Players who want to use PayPal with Diablo III’s real-money auction house will first need to sign up for Battle.net SMS Protect service.

After launch, Diablo III real-money auction house was made available also in Europe and to find out more on this matter you can also check Battlenet Forums.