Donate the media value of a TV ad for a humanitarian cause – a 1st in Romanian market from Leo Burnett and Mihai Nesu Foundation

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The program Second-life is a 1st in Romania, an innovative mechanism for fundraising conceived by Leo Burnett Group. The mechanism offers both to companies and advertising industry the possibility to support directly the humanitarian causes.

Second-life consists in donating the value of 1 second from TV ads towards a humanitarian cause. The commercial of companies that take part in the program will include program’s logo, which will mark their involvement in supporting a selected cause.

The price of 1 second in a TV commercial is calculated depending on audience, which means the viewers are the one that give value to it.

The difference between a standard 30” TV ad and the same version with 29” is not quite visible for the public, but it can make the difference for a humanitarian cause. The value of a second represents 1/30 from the cost to broadcast the ad (around 3% from the TV budget). Because the cost for a TV ad is given by audiences, the public can help brands helping humanitarian causes by watching commercials

Victor Stroe

Planning Director Leo Burnett

The fundraising campaign for Mihai Nesu Foundation – via Second-life program – was initiated and supported by Gazeta Sporturilor. This way, “Second-life for Mihai Nesu Foundation” opens the series of the campaign branded Second-life and joins the efforts to help people immobilized in wheel-chairs to have a better life.

The desire to help others, the desire to give life to hopes was the engine of this initiative, that is very close to our hearts. Second-life is, beyond anything, a way advertising industry uses its own mechanisms in humanitarian purposes. We do have all the trust that more and more brands will join our efforts because each second matters. And Second-life can change lives

Ioana Iordache

CEO Leo Burnett

The 1st brands that agreed to join the program Second-life and to support Mihai Nesu Foundation are Gazeta Sporturilor and AXA Asigurari.

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