Gemius launches gemiusRanking in Moldova, to follow internet trends on Moldavian market

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Gemius is providing, via, info on the Moldavian internet market, such as Google Chrome domination, the exceptional popularity of Huawei, and the fact that more than 50% of mobile traffic is generated by Apple devices.

Gemius started its operations in Moldova at the start of 2012, when the company was selected by BATI to measure online audience at national level. The data collected with represents a part of SMTAI (internet and traffic audience measurement study), local implementation of gemiusAudience. 

There is one indisputable leader with an extremely strong position on the Moldovan web browsers market. The front-runner is the Google’s browser, introduced internationally in 2008 and dynamically improving its market position all over the globe since then. The share of page views generated from Chrome is remarkable (over 68% according to the gemiusTraffic study for May 2012), which gives it about 45 pp advantage over the second-ranked Mozilla Firefox.

The Moldovan mobile market is in many ways comparable with the other countries presented in the gemiusRanking service. Apple is currently the brand used most eagerly by web audience in Moldova. According to the gemiusTraffic study for May 2011, more than every second mobile page view generated in the country originated from Apple’s devices, which is an impressive result when compared to over 16% generated by Nokia, which takes the second position in this ranking. Interestingly, Huawei, the Chinese producer of the networking and telecommunications equipment, has surprisingly good position in Moldova (almost 6% of mobile page views according to the gemiusTraffic study for May 2012), which is a specific feature of the above-mentioned market.

Going along with the trends in other countries covered by the gemiusTraffic study, iPad with a share of over 32% mobile page views (according to the gemiusTraffic data for May 2012) made it to the top of the ranking of the most popular mobile devices among the Moldovan web users. Nonetheless, the leading position of the Apple’s flagship tablet is visibly weakening and has decreased in the previous three months (gemiusTraffic for February 2012 -May 2012) by 5.3 pp. iPhone, on the other hand, is getting more and more attention of the Moldovan web users and is expected to be the mobile device of primary choice for the Moldovans in the coming future. Interestingly, the third most popular mobile device in Moldova in May 2012 was the smartphone offered by Huawei – U8650, surpassing the most dangerous iPhone competitor – Samsung Galaxy SII and Samsung’s tablet Samsung GT-P7500.

Moldova is a young internet market with a strong basis – the internet penetration in the country oscillates at about 50%. Considering the fact that the country has one of the best internet connections all over the world, it can be expected that the online industry in the country is going to develop dynamically. For this reason, such initiatives as Audience Measurement carried out by BATI together with Gemius and the new web service,, as they provide the market with detailed data on the internet trends, will definitely have a positive impact on the Moldovan internet market and I hope it will contribute to the widening knowledge about it.

Catalin Emilian

Country Manager Gemius Moldova is already the 17th ranking website launched by Gemius, the leading digital research agency in the EMEA region. The Moldovan gemiusRanking service is obtained through the gemiusTraffic research project conducted by Gemius. Apart from Moldova, gemiusRanking service is available for Belarus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia Turkey, Ukraine as well as Middle East and North Africa.

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