ADfel – 7th edition to take place on August 13-19


ADfel, unconventional advertising festival offering to its public a week of branded entertainment, reached to its 7th edition and is organized by IQads together with 24FUN and Radio Guerrilla. The festival will take place this year on August 13-19, in Fabrica Club.

For 7 days, the brands that show courage will express through unconventional ideas, daring the participants to experiments that will take place on Fabrica Club’s grounds.

During the 6 previous editions of the festival, ADfel had over 95 participant brands and almost 300 unconventional ideas implemented through happenings and creative executions. On the list of activations from the previous edition, there are fallen angels and AXE multi-sensorial projects, Irish public speaking contests and whiskey mentoring session and others.

This year, ADfel becomes the new place where consumers can play with brands, among the main activities included in the program being Grand Spoof, offered by Ciuc Premium under the slogan “Just ideas matter”, t-shirt design competition Battle of the Six Words by AXE Excite, Cultural Days with its educational, cultural and social organizations, ADfel Galleries, that are hosting the most awarded unconventional works from all over the world, and also a series of other activations from commercial brands.

Also, for the festival, the IQads redaction prepares ADfel Supplement, a guide to illustrate the branded entertainment event and the unconventional phenomena in Romania and abroad, that will be distributed with 24FUN in the start of August. The previous editions supplements can be viewed online (2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007).

ADfel 2012 is supported by Realitatea TV, Animal Planet, Discovery Channel, TLC, Mixtopia, Decat o Revista, Mvcom, Cocor Media Channel,,, BestJobs, Betacons | Euromedia, Bursa de Reclame, Feeder, Q2M and Funky Donkey.