Fans’ camps, the Carlsberg way of living UEFA Euro 2012


Carlsberg, one of the traditional sponsors of European Football Championship, encourages European football fans to enjoy UEFA Euro 2012 experience, by attending to special activities that take place in Fans’ Camps, online and via Facebook activations, but also through “Bet & Win” contests.

Football & UEFA Euro 2012 fans in Romania can watch the matches in Carlsberg locations all over the country. Moreover, in pubs and partner locations in Bucharest and other 16 Romanian towns, supporters can bet on their favorite teams and win prizes with the “Bet & Win” activations. For people that will watch the games at home, Carlsberg prepared special offers in Key Account stores, offering instant prizes consisting in balls, caps, backpacks that can come along with the brought beers.

Unofficial, it is known that football is Romanians’ national sport. For every running competition – local, European or Worldwide, no matter the national team plays or not, Romanians are in front of their TVs. They live every ball play, make bets and prognostics, get happy or get sad, so they deserve a good cold beer to chill down their emotions. This way, Carlsberg offers and promotions are waiting for them in the stores and pubs all over the country, offering them the chance to win a lot of special prizes

Doron Zilberstein

Vicepresident Marketing URBB

The concept of Fans’ Camps is a concept launched for the 1st time by Carlsberg for UEFA Euro 2012. The camps were built in Poland, based on the experience accumulated in big festivals; they offer accessible accomodation and a dedicated space where fans from all over Europe can meet to support their team, watch games and enjoy a beer.

Those camps are modern centers localized in Gdansk, Warsaw, Poznan and Wroclaw.

Starting 1988, Carlsberg is one of the most constant sponsors of European Football Championshops and is one of the Official Partners of UEFA Euro 2012.

The brand has a rich activity in football world, with significant sponsorships for national teams and international championships. Starting 1970, Carlsberg was the 1st commercial sponsor of the national football team and football league in Denmark, a tie that is alive in present also. Besides that, Carlsberg has partnerships with national teams of England, Ireland and Serbia.

Carlsberg brand entered Romanian market in 2001 and holds now a powerful position within the super premium segment, being known as an innovative brand and actively participating to creating unique moments within consumers lives.

In 2011, Carlsberg repositioned internationally, encouraging consumers to celebrate small acts of courage, to come forwards and to be trustfull.