Mediafax Monitorizare launched the 1st complete media monitoring service


Mediafax Monitorizare launched, on Monday, on, the 1st complete media monitoring service, with an easy to use and performant graphic interface, as announces.

The new Mediafax Monitorizare includes an online analysis module, that offers clients access in real time to analysis for the brands they monitor. Monitoring analysis are qualitative and quantitative, include the most and the more relevant indicators on the market and help to continue evaluate the image for monitored brands in Romanian media.

Along with the new online analysis module, Mediafax Monitorizare also introduced a new way of visualizing the daily reports, structured on subjects, that will allow seeing the coverage of an item in all media (central and local press, radio, TV and online). Also, the new graphic interface allows setting up radio, TV and online alerts, with service’s clients being announced on email if a key word appeared in a news.

Other improvements of Mediafax Monitorizare service are: the introduction in online monitoring packages of around 9,000 websites belonging to international publications and press agencies, monitoring forums and around 13,000 Google+ accounts. Those add to the 57,000 sources Mediafax is already monitoring, that include the most central and local publications on Romanian market, websites, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

With the new improvements, Mediafax Monitorizare offers to PR specialists the 1st complete monitoring service and the most useful information way, in real time, related to info published in media related to companies or products they represent.

We made those improvements following many meetings with our clients, taking in considerations both their suggestions and the trends in media monitoring on international markets. We aim for a service that would be an integrated part of any communication department in any company, making considerable easier the work of PR people, through its relevance and its rapidity.  We don’t offer them just a simple website, but a performant online platform, a work instrument easy to use

Andra Voiculescu

Publisher Mediafax Monitorizare

Starting March 2012, Mediafax Monitorizare clients had the possibility to test the new platform and offer feedback. For a period of time, Mediafax Monitoriza will function using both interfaces, the old and the new one, in order to allow clients to get familiar with the new service.

Mediafax Monitorizare is the 1st Romanian professional press monitoring service, launched in 1998. Nowadays, it provides daily reports and image analysis for a portfolio of around 350 corporate and institutional clients.