real,- relaunched its Condiments Bazaar

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“Condiments Bazaar”, a concept initially launched by real,- Hypermarket as a pilot project, has been redesigned and developed following positive reactions from customers.

The new concept involves an improved shopping experience, a friendly layout, providing customers with the opportunity of buying bulk condiments in their desired quantities and upon unequaled prices.

The new “Condiments Bazaar” version has already been implemented in three stores – Bucharest Pallady, Ploiesti and Galati – and will be soon introduced in real,- Constanta South.

The concept will be shortly available in other 7-8 stores in the country, aiming at covering the entire 24 hypermarket chain. In Condiments Bazaar, 52 products are permanently available, with other 10 temporary products, including classic condiments which are usually part of the Romanian and international cuisine (pepper, savory, rosemary, basil, dill, oregano, curry etc.), as well as niche and exotic products (pink pepper, green pepper, soup vegetables mix etc.). real,- considers for the future the possibility to expand its  offer  by including complementary products such as grinders, casseroles, pestle mills etc.

The pilot project at real,- Pallady has been extremely successful, which has encouraged us to begin implementing it in our entire chain. Besides the possibility for customers to buy condiments in bulk, the Bazaar also introduces an atmosphere which is far from the patterns of a classic store format, as it has a little of the charm of oriental bazaars, where one can see and smell the condiments, compare them, and then buy them in one’s desired quantities, depending on their needs and preferences. The variety of condiments assortments makes our new bazaar a promise land for all those who cook and want to test their cooking fantasy. It is placed near the fruits and vegetables market and attracts first by its aspect, color and flavors and once they get there customers will of course also notice the price advantage, as prices are significantly smaller than those of similar packed products

George Bondar

Category Manager Culinary real,- HypermarketRomania.


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