Trends of Tomorrow, powered by Samsung, helped pupils discover their skills

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College pupils in Romania have developed communication skills and also have higher than average mathematical thinking, according to skill tests made on over 1,400 young people from 18 Romanian colleges.

Samsung Electronics Romania continued the educational campaign “Trends of Tomorrow” – CSR project launched last year that aims to support personal development and professional orientation of people finishing college, offering them a career consultation hour within a caravan that toured 18 colleges in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj and Timisoara.

The skills test measured verbal, numerical/mathematical, decisions and form perception skills of the young people and, from the 4, the subjects tested the best in communication abilities and mathematical rationale, with weaker results in decision making and perception skills.

In an era when professional possibilities are infinite, when you have to reinvent yourself all the time, the guidance is more and more needed. That is why the activities we are running – from the caravan in colleges to scholarship for winning teams – have as a purpose to bring young people closer to the best suited career for them, as part of Samsung’s mission to offer support to young people and invest in a better future

Mihaela Stanoiu

Marketing Manager Samsung Electronics Romania

Besides the educational campaign, this year’s program – “Bring your ideas to life!”  – also includes a national contest of professional development projects. Those projects must be made, on choice, in relation with the following domains: Communication & Mass-media, Marketing & Retail, Juridic & Political Sciences, IT & Engineering, Art & Culture, Medicine & Natural Sciences. In the end, the best projects will be awarded with scholarships  (Euro 5,000  and Euro 3,000 / team), in order to reach the proposed academical objectives with or with products from Samsung

The details related to the campaign and its rules are available on Samsung’s Facebook official page.

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