TradeAds Interactive introduces on Romanian online advertising market the GRP audience measuring concept

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TradeAds Interactive introduces on Romanian online advertising market, as part of Adnaliser, a GRP audience measuring concept. This way, the GRP (Gross Rating Point) previously used to measure TV audience, can be now applied online, as the GRP developed by TradeAds Interactive establishes the percentage of reached audience in an online communication campaign, depending of demographic indicators selected on region, age and sex criteria.

Online GRP is a metric used also to measure online campaigns. The audience of an online communication campaign and the audience the banners messages achieved are measured with a  code for counting the GRP, taking in consideration criteria established in the moment when the code was created.

Based on these information, Adnaliser users that establish GRP groups for their campaigns can compare the real audience among population (provided by National Statistics Institute) and the audience of the websites that fit the user defined parameters. Moreover, users can confront the GRP reports with the ones measuring visible impressions in online communication campaigns, generated also by Adnaliser.

A day after implementing the GRP code,  users can check audience statistics in their Report page withing Adnaliser account.

Following distributing the vouchers towards clients interested by Adnaliser, we received mainly positive feedback on the way Adnaliser is contributing to increase communication campaigns’ performances. The purpose of introducing the GRP code within Adnaliser was to offer our clients complete services for campaign optimization, through which they can measure the audience of their advertising messages, being able to set the best parameters to run their future campaigns

Valentin Oeru

Executive Director TradeAds Interactive

TradeAds Interactive introduces this way, for the 1st time on European online advertising market, the concept of GRP, as this functionality is still being a subject of discussion on US market. GRP is most used in TV to measure the reach of an advertising message within the audience of a media channel

For the online communication campaigns, although there isn’t yet a standard formula to establish the GRP percentage, the team that developed and implemented Adnaliser uses parameters that establish the visibility degree for online banners such as: the time during which the user saw the banner and percentage of banner’s visible surface.