real-, chills down summer heat launching the beer promotions season

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real-, decided to fight against hot torrid Romanian summer and July’s unbearable heats by coming up with cold beer, as it introduced promotional offers for tens of types and brands of beer, available in all its 24 hypermarkets.

 Until July 17th, promotional offers are available to beer products in all real,- hypermarkets, no matter the type of beer, with the purpose to offer a moment of chill to those who enjoy the coldness of a good beer in a hot summer afternoon.

The European Soccer Championship and the Olympic Games are large sports events which turn into genuine social events and which over time have become specific rituals. Drinking beer and watching sports on TV are two closely connected activities and represent one of the entertainment ways that create and build friendships. Moreover, if we talk about Bucharest, the modernized Old City Center, with the atmosphere and bohemic style, has opened people’s appetite for niche beers, such as highly fermented, stouts, porters, various types of ale – Irish ale, Scotch ale, pale ale etc., beers which have been prepared for hundreds of years by traditional recipes

Cristina Tabacariu

Category Manager Soft Drinks and Tabacco real,- Hypermarket Romania

According to real-, in what concerns the beer trends this summer, consumers go for “5+1 free”, “5 beers + 1 free glass”, “7+1 free” packs or beer packs with various presents (bottle openers, hats, key chains etc.). Moreover, glass bottle beer segment is growing by 20-80% depending on the sub-category, compared to the same period last summer and the  most outstanding sales growth is registered within the flavored beer segment (double compared to last summer). Real-, appreciates that these results for flavored beer are mainly dued to the launch of new assortments (Ciuc Radler, Red’s Cranberries etc.). Other two great performers, with sales twice the level of last year, go to unfiltered beer and high alcohol content beer (high fermentation beers with high alcohol content).

PET beer continues to sell very well and producers are fighting for leadership on this niche; this success even determined some producers to launch 2.5 PET bottles, that had a huge success among consumers.

Other market researches show that beer is the beverage that claims most money from Romanians’ pockets, seconded by bottled water and carbonated drinks.