Leo Burnett made the 1st Momumentary for P&G’s campaign

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Leo Burnett created for P&G Romania, under the concept of P&G global campaign “Thank You Mum”,  the 1st Momumentary, an inedite video material to illustrate the idea of the campaign and to introduce P&G as sponsor of London Olympics. The mini-documentary introduces, on an emotional tone, the story of an Olympic champion and  her mother, unveiling the way to success of the Romanian sward multiple champion, Ana-Maria Branza. The video focuses on her mother, that supported her from the 1st training to the most recent competition, unveiling a story about sacrifices and ambition, performance and mother’s importance in champion’s life.

As it is a special project, Momumentary is broadcasted on a media plan thought to maximize its effects. The ad can be viewed both integrally, but also in 3 parts of 35 seconds each.

It is a project we invested a lot of soul. Because this is what happens when we are talking about mothers. It’s impossible not to get involved emotionally. And that is why, from client to creative team, account, production team and director, everyone worked with more sentimental involvement and we think this is visible. Together, we created a Momumentary about a champion that can be an example of ambition, talent and work for all of us and a mother that was always behind her successes. It is a story that subtly reminds how much each of us owe to that wonderful person in our lifes, that P&G chose to put in the spotlight in its global campaign

Irina Becher

Senior Copywriter Leo Burnett

The difficulty of the project resided also in finding the perfect balance between the key moments in Ana’s sports life and feelings and circumstances that her mother was subjected to during all this time. We discovered, while advancing in this project, what a wonderful team the two make and how much mother’s support mattered in Ana’s career. It is a campaign we worked with pleasure, applauding P&G’s initiative to bring forward the most important person in a children’s life and in a champion’s life: the mother

Dana Marinescu

Brand Communication Director Leo Burnett

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