Brandient signs the global rebranding for Bitdefender Enterprise


Brandient signs the global rebranding for Bitdefender Enterprise, as Bitdefender B2B Division completes visual identity reconstruction and launches a new website. After completing Bitdefender corporate rebranding and Bitdefender Consumer Products rebranding, Brandient reaches now to the end of the final chapter of the process with the  Bitdefender’s Enterprise division rebranding.

Brandient conceptualized, created and designed the Bitdefender Enterprise visual platform, incorporating the graphic system and its relations within the complex Bitdefender brand architecture, as well as the standard applications from web to sales literature.

At the visual identity level, Brandient envisioned The Glass City metaphor in order to represent not only Bitdefender’s capability to screen for potential threats massive amounts of corporate data, but also the forward thinking underlying the trend towards virtualization that takes place in the enterprise market.

Bitdefender Enterprise project was a difficult challenge with an only one certitude: the brand. We designed a new manifestation of Bitdefender brand in a realm so new that we needed to set up new thinking models on virtualization security.

Ciprian Badalan

Senior Designer Brandient

Brandient designed Bitdefender Business Solutions global website, in order to transmit not only its business proposition towards its intended C-level audience, but also the brand personality—of a trusted global technology leader—as a direct, unmediated experience.

This rebranding, empowered by Brandient’s uniquely sharp understanding of technology, achieved the creation of a comprehensive visual taxonomy of objects and relations employed in the intimate mechanisms of complex data systems.

Cristian Kit Paul

Creative Partner Brandient

The team in charge of the project included Ciprian Badalan – Senior Designer and Cristian Kit Paul – Creative Director.

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