Collaborazioni – Inspired by Peroni – a nice project ended with a fancy dinner

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Collaborazioni – Inspired by Peroni is a project in which were involved 3 teams and that representedone of the most ambitious projects made in Romania by Peroni Nastro Azzurro, under “al fresco” concept umbrella.

“Al fresco” defines the Italian style to eat a tasty dinner outdoors in the summer, in a pleasant company. Without being just a dinner, al fresco combines the served food, weared clothes, chosen drinks and selected company, so all these elements to combine in unique and surprising ways.

Collaborazioni’s mission was to create an ideal al fresco dinner by involving some of the most talented Romanian artists and bloggers that share the passion for design and gastronomy. The 3 teams  involved were Ana Wagner, plastic artist – Cristina Bazavan, Adrian Oianu, fashion designer – Alex Moise and Roberto dal Seno, master chef, – Cristina Mazilu. Each team answered the challenge to reinterpret their own creative style in an Italian manner in order to create design objects and a special menu for a special Amici di Peroni dinner.

The members of the teams were also the hosts of the event and had guests that are known in Romanian worlds of movies, fashion and publishing. The guests admired the decorations created and enjoyed the menu specially created for them.

Ana Wagner and Cristina Bazavan created the central piece for table’s decoration that consisted in delicate porcelain elements manually decorated. During the creative process, choosing the colors and themes for the painting were the main points of debate for the 2, and the marine and floral themes  were selected to be the most suited.

Adrian Oianu and Alex Moise created a table runner that “dressed” the event’s table. Made up from a geometrical construction of blue ribbons (inspired by the famous nastro azzurro Peroni), the creation reminds of the complex techniques used by Oianu to decorate his own fashion designs, but also to the simplicity and elegance of the Italian style. The refined approach and the overview vision for all elements that define the Italian brand were discussed with Alex Moise, and the result was appreciated by the guests as an unique design piece.

The menu of the dinner was prepared by the Italian master chef  Roberto dal Seno and Cristina Mazilu. Together, they proposed to the guests molecular creations inspired from the vast gastronomical culture of Mediteranean Peninsula, reuniting the tradition of the specific Italian dishes with an unique creativity both in presentation and in the mix of aromas.

Collaborazioni managed this way to surprise the multitude of creative aspects Italy offers the people passioned by this effervescent culture, with Peroni reaffirming once more its promise to be close to Romanian designers and to promote talents and excellence in this domain, both through annual communication campaigns and through innovative projects like Collaborazioni.

L’Estate Peroni is continuing with Cena di Peroni event and the contest  Peroni Yacht Week, following which the participants can enjoy a week of sailing in a luxurious boat, on Italian Riviera.